Friday, 2 May 2014

Don't Let Anyone Take Away Your Happiness

My apologies that there haven't been any posts this week! Even this one is just a quickie. I thought I would have two posts ready to go this week, but they're just not quite coming together the way I want them to. They are both very personal to my life and maybe a little bit controversial, so I want to make sure that they come across exactly the way I want them to.

So, instead, I'll leave you with a short thought that I found on Pinterest. I would love to use the picture that went along with it, but I'm still figuring out all the copyright law stuff...and I'm also slowly learning how to make my own super cool images. Anyway, this was the quote:

Nobody can take away your pain, so don't let anyone take away your happiness.

I am such a people-pleaser. It's not a good thing either. I have a tendency to say and do things--or not say and do things--just to make sure I don't make tick anyone off. If I feel that people are annoyed by me or just don't want to hang out with me, I get really sad and frustrated. Most of the time, my fears that people don't like me are completely untrue. It's just my own insecurities speaking.

I am slowly learning to accept my worth, and not let my happiness and self-esteem be based on others. I do have amazing friends and many of them would drop everything to help me if I needed it. But the reality is, no one can truly take away my problems. Even if everyone in the world liked me, I would still feel pain at some point. So why am I letting people take away my happiness?

The reality is, the only one who can truly heal my pain is God, and He already thinks I'm extremely valuable and worth loving. Frankly, if I--and everyone else--have already been accepted by the God of the universe, why are we so worried about the approval of the girl we sit next to in class? Maybe I just need to accept my acceptance. 

Have an awesome weekend!

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