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Well, first things first, my name is Jyllenna (think Jill-Enna…yeah, I know, creative parents), and I really don’t like writing these ‘about me’ things. But I figured some people would probably want to know a little bit about me.

I’m in Grade 11 right now, and I actually like school. Most of the time. I love sports too. Right now I’m on the cheer team (cheerleading is a sport!), and I also love hockey, football, basketball, and volleyball  I also dabble in music, and I can play the guitar and the alto saxophone. When I’m not studying or tripping my brother on the hockey rink (I play sports to win—at any cost), I’m likely in the kitchen baking or cooking something. That’s how I unwind. I also cook when I’m angry. It generally gets me in less trouble than punching someone.

One of my biggest passions is writing. I've been writing stories since I figured out how to operate a pencil. Thankfully, my writing has improved (I had one story simply called The Girl), and you can bet that at almost any given moment, I’m daydreaming about a story. I also enjoy writing essays and blog posts (gee, imagine that!).

I love people more than anything though. It breaks my heart to see the hurting people around me. My greatest desire is to help the people around me see themselves as their awesome Father in heaven sees them.

Oh, yeah, I’m also a Christian. I’m not going to always be talking about that here on the blog, but it’s definitely going to come up. Really, through this blog, I want to shine a little bit of my God’s hope in the world.

Well, thanks for taking time to read my ‘about me’ section. If you keep reading my blog, you’ll probably learn a whole lot more about me. 

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