What This Blog is All About

In short, this blog is a place where people who are struggling can feel welcome and maybe find some hope. I've seen hurting people all around me, especially teenagers and young adults, and I just felt that we needed a place where people can come and share their struggles and their victories.

This is a community. I’d love to share stories and posts from others. I’ll post about some things I've learned along my journey, and I want others to feel comfortable doing that too. Nothing is going to be sugar-coated, and you won’t be judged for way you feel. Chances are, you’ll find out that there are other people who are feeling the same way you do. I believe that isolation makes problems grow, and I want to end that.

This blog is also a platform for mental illness awareness. This has affected so many areas of not only my life, but so many others around me. I have seen friends and family get hurt because of the ignorance of people. I believe that as we become more aware about the realities of mental illness, we'll become more equipped to start changing things around us.

Most importantly, I want people to discover a purpose in their lives. A purpose that makes them rise above things that are holding them back.  Honestly, few things frustrate me more than seeing people sit on their butts and complain about the problems they see around them. I want to encourage teenagers and young adults to do something. To truly change our world.

 You can learn more about this blog by checking out these posts: Community for Struggling Teens 

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